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A space for reflexion, learning and readiness. Know your roots, your own story, your history.
The Indigeneous Raizal People of the Caribbean, of the Archipelago of San Andres, Old Providence and Santa Catalina

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History of human rights. International legal system.
Individual and collective rights
Nature right, land rights, consultation, self-determination, democracy, development.

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The fundamental collective human rights of people, ... like the Raizal People.


Right to development. Take control of the development of your Territory.
Sustainable development
Understanding poverty; how to alleviate it; the role of the church; the role of the community.


Putting aside fear and ego.
Beware your comfort zone become a prison.
Emancipate your mind.

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Choose the day(s) best for you, and take this short introductory training. Call and register, or do so here online.

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Visit the C.U. Campus

Training can be at the Christian University (C.U.) or at a place you provide. Have a nice time studying while you improve yourself - all in a naturally relaxing place.

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Learn with us

Learn from years of research and experience. Due to their familiarity with all the topics, we have chosen a Raizal professional team.

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Help your Community

Take part in transforming your Territory. The training is free, still, we encourage you to compromise with some community social work.


It is all about us

toolboxTrue history

In a clear and very didactic way, you will get a full understanding of the Raizal People history, related to the Caribbean and the World. You will find many answers about the Raizal People:

  • Who were their ancestors?
  • Where they came from?
  • How they reached to the Archipelago?
  • What they came to do?
  • How they owned the Archipelago?
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toolsWorld cases

You will be able to understand the similar processes of colonialism that occured in the Caribbean, America, the Pacific, Oceania and Africa, with people in situation like the Raizal People. Know of different political, social and economic models; different approaches to self-determination, its evolution and the state of art.

  • Integration
  • Free Association
  • Independence

Understand the realitiy of development for small islands; their fragility, vulnerabilities, and treats to sustainability.

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You will find nice spaces for healthy debates, that take the situation of the Raizal Territory to a very profound and critical analysis from an integral view. Aspects like: 

  • Land right
  • Nature right
  • Free, prior and informed consent
  • Indigenous and tribal peoples
  • Authority, representativity and self-governance
  • Self-determination and decolonization
  • Development  and sovereignty

Understand the essence of collective rights.

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You wouldn't stay just with the problem, but you will have a space to find and to build solutions. You are to become:

  • Proactive
  • Creative
  • Sacrificial leadership
  • Team worker

Understand the social, economic and political systems that affects the reality of the Archipelago. Development will be analyzed from views like:

  • Human rights
  • Biblical frameworks
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Other Highlights

The RAIZAL SELF-DETERMINATION & DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL (RSDS) is an institution of informal education that study the history of the Raizal People, the cultural identity, human rights, land right, right of nature, self-determination and development rights. It includes also the study about poverty from a biblical framework, and the ways to alleviate it.

Human rights

Deal with the human rights system, the history and the understanding of all generations of human rights; with emphasis on the collective rights.


Shows the timeline of the establishment of the ancestors of the Raizal People on this Archipelago in the Caribbean; the composition of their origins; their process of liberation from colonialism, and their continual struggle to decolonize, and to have self-determination.

Self-determination right

Explains the real essence of the right to self-determination, understanding sovereignty and the right to modernize their own political structures.

Development right

Understanding the right to development, and its relation with self-determination. Show the concept of poverty from a biblical framework.

Description About Us

Why take part

  • It is necessary to have our own story

    You might have heard different versions of a single story about the Raizal People. That such a single story continues to rob the Raizal People of its true history, identity and dignity. 

    In order to recover all those, we are here retelling our story... our own story, and overcome the danger of having just a single story (other one story).

  • None but ourselves can free our minds (emancipate yourselves...)

    Emancipates yourselves from mental slavery.

    "...The issue of whose minds are colonized is a delicate one. We all know people whose minds have been colonized. Who are they? They are other people -- people out there. They are somebody else. Not us.

    It's time we did the unthinkable and asked ourselves if we have been colonize..." (Jane Anne Morris)

  • We need to really understand the right to self-determination

    A massive, in-depth teaching and practical exercise of those and other rights are needed. Self-determination and development are essentially collective human rights, and their implementation calls for the understanding (consciousness) and empowerment of the people as an all, not only of some. 


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