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Legal Issues Training - Day 2

DAY 2THE RIGHTS OF PEOPLES, and LAND RIGHTS. Particular emphasis will be made on the Rights of Peoples, like the Raizal Indigenous People. The long delay to recognise the Territorial Rights and land rights of the People will be analyzed.

Event Date Fri, Feb-17-2023 3:30 pm
Event End Date Wed, Apr-17-2024 6:30 pm
Location Christian University site
Legal Issues Training - Day 3

DAY 3: The territorial dispute between Nicaragua and Colombia at the International Court of Justice, and the effects upon the Indigenous Raizal People.

Event Date Sat, Feb-18-2023 3:30 pm
Event End Date Thu, Apr-18-2024 5:30 pm
Location Christian University site
Raizal People before 1822: (1630 - 1822)

Understand the history from the arrival of the puritans on the Seaflower ship to Old Providence in 1630, the relation with the indigenous people of the Miskito Coast and the enslaved Africans, followed by nearly 200 years of the dispute between England and Spain over the Archipelago of San Andres, Old Providence, and Santa Catalina, as well as the resistance of the ancestral settlers of the territory, and the reasons why Colombia (from South America) irrupted into the story of the Raizal People. Understand the foundation of the cultural identity of the Raizal People. 

Event Date Fri, Feb-24-2023 3:30 pm
Event End Date Wed, Apr-24-2024 5:30 pm
Location Christian University site
Raizal People after 1822: (1822-2022)

Understand the origin of the current problems that the People have on the Archipelago, which got consolidated during these last 200 years. What caused the overpopulation (which is considered the main problem),  and all the economic, cultural, social, religious, environmental, and political effects.

You need to understand the invented "post-colonial" Southamerican principle of "Uttis Possedetis Juris" that was used to claim sovereignty over the Raizal People Territory. Understand how the Colombianization process took place, and how the story before the Esguerras-Barcenas Treaty (1928) between Nicaragua and Colombia had not been explained.

Event Date Sat, Feb-25-2023 3:30 pm
Event End Date Thu, Apr-25-2024 5:30 pm
Location Christian University site
Origin of the Raizal Authority (INRA)

Understand the right to self-government of indigenous and ethnic peoples, like a materialization of their right to self-determination. The Indigenous National Raizal Authority (INRA) is the latest expression of the self-government of the Raizal People, reviving their ancestral political institution that for some reason was marginated.  INRA started its establishment with the Board of Spiritual Councilors (2012), and the first provisional Raizal Territorial Council (2013); other bodies are yet to be constituted.

Event Date Sun, Feb-26-2023 3:30 pm
Event End Date Mon, Feb-26-2024 5:30 pm
Location Christian University site

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